recording studio

the sound space

The Sound Space is a music business – primarily a recording studio, which operates in the Glasshouse Mountains – in the Sunshine Coast, and Townsville. As well as offering excellent quality recording and production services at very affordable rates, we offer small PA services with sound engineer, Arts Event Management, Workshop Facilitation, Production and Consultation - especially for world, blues n roots, folk, alternative DJ, jazz and classical musicians, along with sound art for galleries, dance and theatre.
How do we work?
My raison détre as a studio producer and engineer is simple: help my artists realise the music they want to hear, or even better – to realise music that is beyond their wildest dreams! From the outset however it is important to deal with basics: what is the artist (be they an individual or a group of people) hoping to achieve with the recording / project, what sort of skills do they have, how long do they want the project to take, what is realistic given their budget, and how much do they want me coordinate / produce the project for them. Timelines are driven by the artist’s need and resources. Some projects need a result tomorrow and some are looking at perhaps a 6 months period. Each artist is at a different career stage. Some know exactly what they want and in which case my role is very simple, others are looking at the opportunity to develop as a musician and songwriter, so we might work on things that develop their skills such as basic musicianship or chart writing, or arrangement techniques, or even professional career development. Through it all the artist remains the final arbiter and focus of the project – if they like the vocal up, it goes up, if they want more reverb, or a louder album, we achieve it.