As an Arts Organisation Manager

Most of your work leading an arts organisation goes on behind the scenes, putting in the long, hard hours, and recognition here and there can make it all worthwhile.


“As a graphic designer my job is made easier if my clients are organized - knowing exactly what they want from a design job. Creating festival booklets, posters, and flyers for Michael when he directed the Music Centre North Queensland was a pleasure. His organization was very professional - reliable and efficient and with high expectations from my work, which they assured me I achieved. For an artist working as part of a creative team it is very satisfying knowing that everyone is supporting each other’s work and achievements. I highly recommend Michael, both as a member and leader of creative arts teams. Working on the design side of his festival - See Hear Now, was a high point in my career.”
May 25, 2011
Cheryl Marie Song, Creative Director / Account Manager / Graphic Designer, WAGTAIL DESIGNS

“Michael lead the organization with passion, energy and vision. His extensive experience in the arts combined with high standard of technical expertise transformed the Music Centre North Qld into a 21st century professional arts organization.March 15, 2011
Margaret Caley, General Manager, Music Centre North Queensland reported to Michael at Music Centre North Queensland