Examples of Music Centre Projects

Examples of projects I devised for the Music Centre North Queensland in 2007:

Forty days in the Tropics 2007 involves four, ten-day residencies featuring major Australian performing artists working closely with our local musical community, developing skills and presenting programs of new work. Each of the artists has a different area of specialisation within the creative music field. By appealing to the interests of our diverse musical community, their different approaches and musical styles will ensure maximum benefit to our region.

The artists, their specialisation and the proposed dates of their residency are:

Clocked out Duo (Vanessa Tomlinson – percussion, and Erik Griswold - piano): jazz, contemporary and classical music, composition, community and humour in music. June 15 – June 24. Residency at the Old Magistrate’s Courthouse (15/6 – 21/6) www.clockedoutproductions.com

Mara & Llew Kiek (voice and guitars): world and early music, choirs and plucked string instruments, July 27 - Aug 5. Residency at Magnetic Island (27/7 – 29/7) and the Old Magistrate’s Courthouse (30/7 – 5/8)

Linsey Pollak (wind instruments): community music, inventing own instruments, world music, fun, composing and technology in performance. Aug 17 – 26. Residency at the Riverway Arts Centre.

Michael Keiran Harvey: classical and contemporary piano, Sept 7 – 16. Performance at the Riverway Arts Centre (7/9). Residency at James Cook University (8/9 – 16/9) TBC.

We are very excited about this project and are really looking forward to what it can bring to the community. There is further information below on our plans for these residencies, but they are all still at the planning stage. We welcome your input. Would you or a group with whom you are involved like to be closely involved with any of these artists? Now is the time to come forward as we can tailor their residency to suit you! School musicians in particular would get a phenomenal boost from spending 10 days with musicians the calibre of Linsey Pollak or Clocked Out Duo, choirs with Mara Kiek, guitarists with Liew Kiek, percussionists with Vanessa Tomlinson, classical pianists with Michael Keiran Harvey and jazz pianists with Erik Griswold. Composers could work with any of them, for as well as being great performers, they are all very successful composers. This truly is an opportunity for our local musicians to work and even perform with some of the best players in the country. Grab it with both hands!


See Hear Now 2007, a music driven, multi-arts, three-day event, will be held at the Riverway Arts Centre in Thuringowa, from June 22 – 24, 2007. It is a festival celebrating the innovative exploratory music that develops from the collaborative synergies that exist between music, dance, visual art, video and theatre.

Building on the success of ‘See Hear Now 2005’, we are hosting several inter- and intra-state musicians as festival guests for the weekend. A major feature of the festival will be performances by these artists, and the opportunity for local arts practitioners to interact and improvise with them in the creation of new work.
The festival will also feature guided performances from local artists, combining musicians, dancers, visual artists and theatre practitioners interacting spontaneously, with the work of each artist stimulating and defining that of the other performers. Performances will be complimented by open discussions about artistic philosophy, practice and technique. Local performers and artists who would like to be involved in this event are welcome to join us as we are keen to involve as many locals as possible.

Key artists: Jim Denley (winds), Amanda Stewart (text and voice), Lawrence English (music technology), Bonemap (dance and multimedia), Clocked Out Duo (percussion & piano).
The following local artists and performing groups will also appear: Dance North, Tropic Sun, Michael Whiticker, Steven Campbell, David Salisbury, Ian Brunskill, Matt Hill, Stephen Naylor, Clive Hutchison, Michele Deveze, Mark Bancroft, Marta Botta, Gerald Soworka, Torakena, Karen Gibb, Thalia Klonis.