Live Sound Engineer

I operate a small live sound company, the Sound Space, in the Glasshouse Mountains (Sunshine Coast). The Sound Space offers production services at very affordable rates - PA and lighting services with sound engineer - especially for world, blues n roots, folk, alternative DJ, jazz and classical musicians, along with sound art for galleries,

We can provide a small number of PA systems and the range of equipment includes: Soundcraft (LXii7 24 channel), Mackie (1640i) and Yamaha mixing desks, powered speakers from QSC and Mackie, and unpowered speakers from Yamaha and JBL. Power amps from Yamaha, Peavey and Phonic and outboard gear from Lexicon, TC Electronic, DBX and Behringer. Multicores from Rean (24 channel including stage and FOH snakes) and Leem and microphones from Shure, AKG and Sennheiser, with AKG and Sennheiser radio mics. Drum kits from Premier and Roland electronic drums, and backline amps from Line 6 and Behringer.

Lighting include DMX board and LED lights, Jands 4 pack board, par 56 and par 38 lights, spotlight, smoke machine, strobe, mirror ball, some disco specials, a truss and a range of lighting trees. There is also a 3500 lumens projector, a Korg AV mixer and Korg AV fx and video cameras for interactive video work.

For further information please ring 0419 026 895, or 07 5493 0046 or

The Sound Space has provided engineer and PA for a wide range of artists in recent years. Since 2005 this list has included: David Bridie and George Telek, The Medics, Harry Manx, The Idea of North, Jaleos Flamenco, Saruza Quartet, Flamenco Fire, Lucie Thorne, Jackie Marshall, Starch (England), Pachooka, Andrew Winton, Anthony Garcia, Misinterprotato, William Barton, Linsey Pollak, Michael Kerran Harvey, Mara & Llew Kiek, Ben Winkelman Trio, Erik Griswold, Bonemap, Clocked Out, Jim Denley, Way out West, Baala Baajo, Wassa, Mike Cooper (Italy), Kim Cooper, Dave Basek, Anthony Garcia, Matt Hill, Bob Malone, Aquapella World Music Choir, Brian Kneipp, The Barramundi Brothers, Lonesome Trio, Patrick Levi and the Flow, Daniel Dow, Sean Choolburra, Guy Strazz, Blues Point with George Washingmachine, David & Vicki Salisbury, Colin Ivory, Lawrence English, Luke Webb, Umbrella Studio, Dance North, The Migrant Resource Centre Cultural Festival (5 years running), Palm Creek Folk Festival (3 years running), The Filipino Festival (3 years running), TATSICC (Townsville and Torres Strait Islands Cultural Centre), The Elizabethan Festival, Words on Water Festival, etc.