Since beginning in music I have constantly sought out the most recent technology for my work. The following includes a selection of the milestones and equipment on that journey. My apologies to manufacturers if the model numbers are incorrect - they are mostly drawn from my memory:
1975 - 1978:        
Roland sh101 and sh1000 synthesizers, Korg synthesizer, Mellotron, Farfisa organ, Wurlitzer piano. Built an egg carton shed/studio with fellow members of the band Regular Peatmoss.
4 track TEAC ¼ inch tape recorder (model AC330s)
1979 - 1982: 
Fairlight CMI, EMI (putney?) and Moog synthesizers (I didn’t own these instruments, but used them while a Composition and Music Technology student at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney)
4 track Yamaha cassette recorder in home studio
Yamaha computer music instrument (model? - 4 track hardware recorder with TV screen) in home studio
Atari computer with the pro 24 sequencing program in home studio
Roland LA50 synthesizer, Teac DAT for master tapes and field and live concert recording
Casio FZ1 sampler, Yamaha TX802 synthesizer module, Cubase and Notator sequencing programs for the Atari
Built a lovely studio at Batlow in the Snowy Mountains (7.2 x 4.8 metres with 3.6 metre high cathedral ceiling and wonderful country views)
1989 - 1990:
Kawai synthesizer in a bedroom studio in Berlin with an Atari.
1993 - 1996: 
Macintosh with Pro Tools, Kurzweil K2000 (while on the composition staff at the University of Western Sydney), Kawai K5 synthesizer.
Roland VS1680 multitrack recorder
Korg Nx5 synthesizer, Pro Tools Digi 001. Began to work in live sound engineering and began to buy a range of live PA gear with the typical outboard gear - FX, Compression, EQ etc as well as a basic lighting rig.
Pro Tools HD system, Reason, Finale notation software (while on the Composition and Music Technology staff at the James Cook Uni), Expose live video fx program, Phillips CDR burner for live recordings
Opened my original Sound Space studio in Townsville, for which I finally bought some better quality recording mics such as the Rode NTV,
Yamaha MSP 5 and Pro Lac studio monitors, mixing desks such as the Mackie 1604 and various percussion modules such as the Alesis HR16, Sennheiser HD 265 headphones, Lexicon MPX 100 Reverb
Sibelius notation software,
Boss RC 50 looper, Roland Handsonic HPD-15 percussion pad, Helicon Voice Prism processor.
Built the new Sound Space studio in Townsville. Digidesign Mbox for live recording, Roland GT6 guitar pedal
Yamaha Motif ES6 synthesizer, Digidesign 002, DBX 266 XL compressor, Johnson J station guitar amp modellor
Video interest with Imovie then Final Cut Pro software, and live interactive video in performance with JVC video camera and Korg Kaoss Entrancer (audio/video processor), and Korg Krossfour video mixer. Line 6 Variax guitar, FMR RNC compressor, Zoom 323 drum machine,
DBX 386 preamp, Maton ERBG 808 guitar, Korg D3200 for live recording, Line 6 Flextone III guitar amplifier with pedal board, BFD percussion software,
Canon XHA1 video camera, Mackie HR 824 monitors
Ableton live, Joe meek Twin Q preamp, Alesis SR18 drum machine, Focus studio monitors, Fostex FR 2le for field and live concert recording, Martin XCIT Ellipse guitar,
Fishman aura acoustic imaging pedal,
Akai APC40 for Ableton live 8, M Powered Pro Tools with the M-Audio 2626,
Sony HDR xr350ve camcoder, Hamley Weissenborn lap slide guitar
M-audio Torq software and Xponent hardware, Akai XR20, Korg TR 76 synthesizer, Soundcraft Lxii7 24 channel desk, Rokit studio monitors, Toontracks drum software
Built a second Sound Space studio on the Sunshine Coast
Jamman stereo looper, Mackie 1640i onyx firewire desk, Roland TK4 electronic drum kit
Web design using Rapid Weaver and video editing using Vegas.