Recording Engineer

A Recording and Production Method

My raison détre as a studio producer and engineer is simple: help my artists realise the music they want to hear, or even better – to realise music that is beyond their wildest dreams! From the outset however it is important to deal with basics: what is the artist (be they an individual or a group of people) hoping to achieve with the recording / project, what sort of skills do they have, how long do they want the project to take, what is realistic given their budget, and how much do they want me coordinate / produce the project for them. Timelines are driven by the artist’s need and resources. Some projects need a result tomorrow and some are looking at perhaps a 6 months period. Each artist is at a different career stage. Some know exactly what they want and in which case my role is very simple, others are looking at the opportunity to develop as a musician and songwriter, so we might work on things that develop their skills such as basic musicianship or chart writing, or arrangement techniques, or even professional career development. Through it all the artist remains the final arbiter and focus of the project – if they like the vocal up, it goes up, if they want more reverb, or a louder album, we achieve it.

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Client Testimonials
"I've worked with Michael on several projects and two qualities stands out. Firstly he is so widely experienced that he can readily grasp what musicians want and then secondly, he pursues a quality outcome whatever the resources given him. Highly recommended." - Michael Knopf, October 2009, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

"I have recently been working with Michael Whiticker on my current studio album, 'Love is not a Concept' and I have found him to be an extremely professional, motivated and perceptive sound engineer and producer. He has provided me with invaluable guidance that has assisted in the smooth and consistent progress of the album and this has resulted in recorded songs that brilliantly convey the message, feeling and essence of my 'Contemplative Soul' music." - Jenny Downey, December 2009, Maleny, Sunshine Coast

"Michael is always thinking about what is best for your work and keeps his comments to positive reinforcement for what you are trying to achieve. The sound is good and his boundless energy helps you to achieve something worthwhile." - Peter Richardson, November 2009, Coogee, Sydney

"Michael is very professional in the studio at all times and when I would have an idea to do something on a track, he would understand what I was trying to do. His studio is of high quality and he always had the equipment I needed to produce my CD. It has always been easy and friendly to work there, which is what you want in a recording environment to produce your best work." - Richard Ryall, January 2010, Townsville

"I have designed album covers to go with some of the CDs Michael has produced. He is always very professional, his artist is well primed (has a concept for the project, is prepared for photo shoots etc) and i haven't in any way felt artistic limitations - so good jobs for me." – Michele Deveze, January 2009, New Farm, Brisbane

Michael, I am just writing to tell you how much I appreciate your professional manner, your patience in the recording studio & the fact your fees are always very reasonable. Looking forward to working with you again on my next CD, all the best for now....... - Pop Sullivan, Townsville, August 2009

Recent Recording projects
From mid 2009 thru to early 2010 the following artists recorded at the Sound Space: James Blundall, Michael Knopf, Patrick Levi and the Flow, Wassa, Mathew Obat and Thalysa Ageng, Pimlico High School, Peter Richardson, Jenny Downey, Richard Ryall, Noisegate, Brad Connors, Jessie Greenwood, Matt Gibson and the Blessed Outlaws, Talei Varani, Pop Sullivan, Jess Coleman, Nikki, Marcia Williams, Margaret Bell, Zarn, Shane Murray, Annie Plummer, Margaret Patrick, Veronica Robinson, Sue Mckenna and Ruth Brown.