Discography to 2002

After the Fire After the Fire Elision/Marshall McGuire, Vox Australis, VAST 019-2, 1996
As Water Bears Salt The Laughter of Mermaids The Song Company, Vox Australis, VAST 007–2, 1992
Boinko the Billio Piano Games Jeanell Carrigan, Vox Australis, VAST 026 – 2, 1999
Boinko the Billio, Liexliu Biodiversity Elizabeth Green, BD02, 1999
My head is spinning Hammered Jeanell Carrigan, Vox Australis, VAST027 – 2, 2000
In Prison Air, Elision Ensemble RCA Italy, CCD 3011, 1993
Kiah The Flute Ascendant Laura Chislett, Vox Australis, VAST 007–2, 1992
Korokon OSSIA: Australian Composers Volume 1 JADE: JADCD 1024, 1991
Korokon Anthology of Australian Music on Disc: Series Two Canberra School of Music, CSM 17, 1994
Man, skin cancer of the earth The Green CD The Song Company, Tall Poppies, TP064, 1995
Min-ame Ringing The Changes Het Trio ATTACCA BABEL 9161-4 DDD, 1991
The Hands, the Dream The Hands the Dream Daniel Herscovitch, Tall Poppies, TP020, 1992
Various pieces. Townsville, by Land and Sea. A regional audio documentary composed, recorded and produced with Paul Lawrence. Silent Beat 03, 1999
Various works, Redror, Music of Michael Whiticker, Libra Contemporary Ensemble, MOVE MD3183, 1996
Various pieces. Bonemap. The Wild Edge & Listening to Skin. Composed, recorded and produced with Paul Lawrence. Silent Beat 05, 2000
Various pieces, Eat at Joe’s. The music of Joe’s Garage – songs written by Michael Whiticker, Victor Purkiss and Joe Toppi. CD recorded and produced my Michael Whiticker. Silent Beat 06, 2001
Winamin Like Icarus Ascending Ronald Woodcock & Colleen Rae-Gerrard, Canberra School of Music, CSM 34, 1999
Winamin Watercolours Australian composers JADE: JADCD 1041, 1993

2003 Releases:

Townsville Stories featuring Michael Whiticker with co-writers Victor Purkiss and Brian Kneipp was released April/May 2003
Earclips, an ABC Listening Room collection of short works commissioned for broadcast to celebrate the ABC’s 50th birthday in 2002, was released mid 2003
It included Michael Whiticker’s
Water Songs.